Cummings Walcott David (CWD)

CWD Agency provides developmental disabilities services in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. CWD Agency also provides group home service. We provide services through supported living waivers, individual options (I/O) waivers, and the level one (L1) waivers.

CWD Agency assures families that their loved ones may achieve their highest potential and receives a high level of care to continue to live healthy and happy lives. We monitor our caregivers through one-on-one contact with our clients, telephone check-in, and home visits. We acknowledge the fact that each client is different, and we cater specifically to the diverse needs of every client. One of CWD Agency’s goals is to advocate for our clients' comfort and happiness and to provide a clean, safe and secure living environment in the comfort of their own homes as we provide support for their daily living needs.

Our Mission

To provide support and or supervision to individuals who are disabled, such as, persons who have functional limitations, whether physical, intellectual, emotional, or the sensory impaired. The goal is to provide the disabled individual the opportunity to develop and to reach their full potential irrespective of disability. Provide support services and independence with a person-centered prospective, accordingly. Fulfill their human needs including socializing, learning, economic independence, sexuality, dignity and respect. Provide access to community services, specialist services, marriage and raising a family and be a productive member of their communities. To empower individuals who are disabled to exercise their rights to make decision which affect their lives to listen to their concerns and ideas. Enable individuals with disablities an atmosphere of patience, tolerance, cooperation and solidarity, towards achieving the highest quality of living and integrity in the community.

Need of Inclusion

To fulfill the need for society’s most vulnerable people by providing choices through opportunities for inclusion, learning, independence and productivity.

Our Staff

CWD Agency staffs are highly trained and efficient and are committed to provide individuals with quality service. CWD Agency is made up of a dedicated team of caregivers who are happy to assist individuals with developmental disabilities, with their specific needs. Prior to hiring employees they are subject to an intense background screening that verification of everything, including the applicant’s name and his/her citizenship. Other information that is checked before hiring is criminal backgrounds, educational history, and employment references. CWD Agency screens every applicant’s background to ensure our staff’s credibility, credentials, and reputation in caring for our clients.

CWD Agency also offers medication administration certification training classes for all staff and other individuals working with developmental disabilities.


CWD Agency offers non-medical transportation through per mile trip rates set by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. This is offered to our clients solely to access adult day support, vocational habilitation, support employment-enclave, and /or supported employment. CWD also offers transportation for social and recreational activities, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and other important errands.